Elite Tackle Black Distance Sticks XL Package




The Xl Package allows you cover all bases.

As well as the standard set of grooved sticks the package also includes 2x 230mm screw-in extension pieces. Simply unscrew the heads, screw in the extensions to the main sticks and screw the heads back on.

This allows you to take the height from 520mm up to 750mm making them ideal to use when you can’t find a clear area to put your sticks such as over long grass or over where there’s debris on the floor .

They are equally as useful in soft banks where you’ll need to push the sticks in further to get them rock solid but you’ll still have plenty of stick left above ground.

You can also add the ‘T’ Bar & Cutting tip option to your order if you fish on lakes with hard banks.

With this option the sticks are machined with a more aggressive point which then has 2 cutting grooves milled into it (see pictures).  With the aid of the stainless steel ‘T’ bar you can ‘screw’ the sticks into the ground with little effort.

You can even personalise your new sticks by having your name or nickname Laser engraved onto them with a choice of 2 different fonts.

The 12ft Distance cord with the 3 Coloured movable stops to mark the position of each rod is included with all our Distance stick sets.

All of our Distance Sticks use the 3/8 BSF thread so you can screw in a buzzer and butt rest and use them as temporary bank sticks or screw in a retainer cord for pegging out your sling.

Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 75 × 1.27 cm


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