Rowan Charnick

Years of fishing:  42

Favourite time of year to fish: Springtime…crisp mornings and that freshness in the air, you can’t beat it.

Favourite rig/method: One that works 🙂

Foreign PB: 77lb

UK PB: 38lb 2oz Common, 36lb 12oz Mirror.

First fishing memory: Catching 3inch Carp over Gloucester park in the mid 70’s. Then I cut my teeth over Woody’s throughout the 70’s 80’s and way into the 90’s.

Favourite venue: Lac du Der, it holds some very special memories for me. Of all the places I fished in the UK Woody’s will always be my Favourite.

Favourite Elite Tackle product: I think my Favourite has to be the XL package Distance sticks, I just love the fact that I don’t have to find a clear spot to set my sticks up. I can simply screw in the extensions and do my wraps over the top of the all the snaggy bits on the floor. I do love the Slim Baiting Needles as well.

Lee Merritt

Years of fishing: 42 

Favourite time of year to fish: I like two if I’m honest, Spring and Autumn….but I love just being on the bank.

Favourite rig/method: The Rig that works at the time. I have caught many fish on the Multi-rig though and when the are in the water  a Zig can be devastating.

Foreign PB: The Famous Shoulders from Abbey at 76lb 8oz.

UK PB: 50lb Common, 48lb 15oz Mirror.

First fishing experience: Probably Raphaels Park in Romford catching Gudgeon. We spent the 6 weeks Holiday there and being a pain to the poor Parkie lol.

Favourite venue: Its really hard this one, I’ve been lucky enough to fish some stunning places around the world. At the end of the day I love being on the bank.

Favourite Elite Tackle product: Where do I start, The Distance Sticks, Baiting needles and Bobbins are second to none. The Boys are making me a set of Big Bobbins to use on the massive foreign waters.

Paul Bocking

Years of fishing:  30

Favourite time of year to fish: Springtime.

Favourite rig/method: Hinge stiff rig.

Foreign PB: 65lb Common, 45lb Mirror

UK PB: 54lb 15oz Mirror and 42lb common.

First fishing memory: Fishing down the river Chelmer with my Dad catching Perch and Minnows.

Favourite venue: Chelmsford Angling Association The Willows lake.

Favourite Elite Tackle product: Slim Bobbin heads.

Rob Marsh

Years of fishing:  43

Favourite time of year to fish: Winter.

Favourite rig/method: Mag-Aligner.

Foreign PB: 63lb12oz. Mirror.

UK PB60lb 4oz Mirror.

First fishing memory: Catching my first Carp on floating crust from a local lake.

Favourite venue: Chilham Mill.

Favourite Elite Tackle product: The new ‘T’ bar/Cutting Tip option on the Distance Sticks. Great if your’e fishing on hard banks.

Owen Flack

Years of fishing:  32

Favourite time of year to fish: Spring and Autumn.

Favourite rig/method: Fluoro ‘D’ with a wafter.

Foreign PB  44lb 12oz Common.

UK PB  ‘Patch’ at 40lb 2oz from Lake Meadows.

First fishing experience Catching Roach and Crucian in a local farmers pond.Then progressing onto the River Chelmer after Pike.

Favourite venue  Original Pit 2 Boreham, Essex but there are many lakes in Essex that hold great memories.

Favourite Elite Tackle product: The Xl Distance Sticks so I know even if the bank has long grass i still be able to do my wraps.  

Sebastiaan Schuurman

Years of fishing: 30 

Favourite time of year to fish: Springtime when nature starts coming alive again and the lake are crystal clear.

Favourite rig/method: Combi Stiff rig presented with a Snowman.

Foreign PB: 70lb 12oz

Dutch PB: 58lb 6oz

First fishing experience: Catching Carp with my Grandfather when I was 8 years old..I was hooked and still am.

Favourite venue: Mirror Lake (Dutch Public Venue)

Favourite Elite Tackle product: Distance Sticks that I use as bank sticks. When I’m fishing the Big lakes of Europe I can screw the extension pieces in and use them as the front legs on my pod.